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A$AP Rocky is the best.


A$AP Rocky is the best.


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continue to circle around the issue and accuse all men of being rapists or potential rapists until they kill themselves

This comic is such bullshit.

The issue is not that men get raped and women don’t care, the issue is that anytime women talk about rape, men want to butt in and silence women with “But men get raped toooooo” instead of starting their own damn conversations.

Way to demonize women for no reason and spread lies.


Sorry but the idea that rape is and can only be a one gender issue if fucking ridiculous. What this comic is saying is that when ever the issue of rape comes up, and how we can prevent it or help victim’s and what not many people focus almost exclusively on women and how it effects women and what we can do to help women. That’s stupid because rape does not discriminate nor should we. We can’t, as human beings, sit there and favor one gender over the other when it comes to this crime. We can’t act like one needs more help over the other, that one is more important and more deserving of care, love and compassion. 

Men want to ‘butt in’ because they need to. They need to force themselves into the public view just to be noticed. NO ONE brushes off rape accusations when it’s made by a woman. No self respecting person that is (because I’m sure their are horrible stories of it but they are a vast minority).

If there is a rape culture…it’s a rape culture that belittles and effects men. Not women. Because 9 times out of 10 THIS is what men are told when they even attempt to bring up this issue. 


The overwhelming majority of rape victims are WOMEN AND GIRLS.

The overwhelming majority of rapists are MEN.

It’s funny how wrong you can get in just 3 sentences.

40% of Rapist are Women
40+ Empirical Studies Showing the Prevalence of Sexual Violence by Women
Facts on Male Rape
Men and Women are Equally the Victims of Rape
Are Men Raped More Then Women?

Yes, rape happens to men and boys and it’s terrible when it does and they deserve support too.  However, interrupting a discussion about female rape victims to make it about men is a fucked up and evil thing to do.  That is why the comic is bullshit and why you missed the point entirely.

When that discussion completely ignores that men are victims of rape at equal rates, much like you’ve done, no, it’s not an evil thing to do. The evil thing to do would be to allow that discussion to continue without correcting it.

Most of the time when men bring up male victims of rape, they’re not having their own discussions, they’re doing it to silence women, to take the focus off of women, and make everything about themselves.

Because rape is not a gendered issue, and should not be treated as such.

Rape culture is derailing women talking about rape with “But men get raped tooooooooooooooo!”

No, no it’s not.

The man in this comic could have easily started his own dialogue about male victims of rape, but he didn’t.  Instead he interrupted the woman, and that’s exactly what men usually do.  Then the woman is portrayed in a sexist way as a raving bitch who doesn’t care about anyone but herself, which is exactly how women are always portrayed anytime they don’t cut off any discussion about themselves to make it all about men.

If you’re going to talk about resources for rape survivors, and you’re going to claim that you’re for any kind of equality, then it is your obligation to make the discussion as equal as possible. Which means that you should include male rape survivors in that discussion.


Had to share tbh

This bitch just got treated.😂


To be an anti-feminist does not necessarily mean that one is anti-woman or anti-equality. Stop feminist bullshit!


To be an anti-feminist does not necessarily mean that one is anti-woman or anti-equality. Stop feminist bullshit!